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Aug 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
teacher lawsuit claims, dana mentally abused the children mentally and physically. for allegedly violating their civil rights in the americans with disabilities act. >>> they will investigate how california state universities handle sexual abuse cases. the women told lawmakers when they reported being sexually assaulted the officials at berkeley didn't punish the attacker. lawmakers are planning to audit uc berkeley in the next seven months. >>> the san diego teenager kidnapped earlier this month is talking about her relationship with her alleged kidnapper. hanna anderson says she texted dimaggio before she was kidnapped because he was supposed to pick her up from friend. she wrote him year ago because she was not getting along with her mother. >>> memorial service will be held for a young woman killed in san francisco after a truck crash in her bicycle. mallee was riding through the intersection on fulsom street when a truck hit and killed her. she had just celebrated her 24th birthday this month. bicyclists are launching a letter writing campaign urging mayor lee to redesign the area to
Aug 26, 2013 6:00am PDT
nancy skinner and dana will call for equal access to federal meal programs in the oakland unified school district. they want congress to incorporate the regional cost of living to determine a families eligibility. research has shown that children who go hungry are more likely to struggle in the classroom and have increased tardiness. we have a special section on our website for back to schoolish foe. and we have posted pictures. just saw who was just up there we were smiling at. torrey is up there now. >>> time now 6:40. something new for san francisco police officers. this follows a federal investigation that found discrepancies with police reports. >>> a fire near yosemite national park continues to burn the bay area camp that was destroyed by the flames. >>> and right now it's doing pretty well although we do have slow downs out there. especially approaching the bridge on westbound 80. >>> a lot of reports of drizzle coming in. a weak front coming by. that will help cool down temperatures but what about the rest of the week? >>> welcome back. time now 6:44. this is video of the fire b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2